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Kuni or KUNI may refer to:


  • Kuni-no-miya (久邇) ōke (princely house), the second oldest branch of the Japanese Imperial Family created from branches of the Fushimi-no-miya house
  • Kuni Nagako (1903–2000), member of the Imperial House of Japan
  • Kuni, an alias of the music artist, DJ, and music producer Kuniyuki Takahashi
  • Kuni, a character played by Gedde Watanabe in UHF, who also appeared in an episode of The Weird Al Show


Other uses[edit]

  • KUNI (FM), a radio station belonging to the University of Northern Iowa, U.S.
  • KUNI, the ICAO designation for Gordon K. Bush Airport near Athens, Ohio, U.S.